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PICKLEBALL COURT COMPANY IN Loveland, Windsor, & Denver, CO 

Pickleball as grown to be a passion of ours. It’s something we love to play with our wives and friends. We, like many people, were instantly hooked after playing the sport for just a few minutes.  This is evidently commonplace, as pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA for several years now.  We love the social aspect of the game and how easy it is to learn and be competitive in a very short time frame.

With that said, we took our 30+ years of inground pool installation and 10+ years in outdoor sport courts experience and created Pickleball Court Creations. We specialize in the installation of outdoor pickleball courts. We handle everything from the excavation of your yard down the color of your court. Everything is customized to you. We can take any current court you have and convert it over to a pickleball court. The options are countless.  Let us help you achieve the backyard of your dreams!

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Like installing anything in your home, it can potentially come with unforeseen challenges. Things you need to consider before taking on this daunting task yourself.

  1. Drainage issues: If the court is not properly sloped or if there are not enough drain features installed, water can accumulate on the surface, making it slippery and dangerous to play on.
  2. Poor subgrade preparation: If the subgrade beneath the court is not properly compacted, the court may sink or develop cracks over time.

3. Poor surface preparation: If the surface is not properly prepared, it may be uneven, making it difficult to play on and increasing the risk of injury.

4. Poor surface material selection: If the wrong type of surface material is used, it may not be durable enough to withstand heavy use, leading to cracks and other damage over time.

5. Poor workmanship: If the court is not installed properly, it may be prone to premature failure, with cracking and other damage occurring much sooner than it should.

6. Cost overruns: If the project is not properly budgeted, the cost of installing a sports court can quickly escalate, leading to cost overruns and other financial problems.

7. Zoning issues: If the court is not in compliance with local zoning laws and regulations, it may be subject to fines or other penalties.

To take the hassle out of this project, give our experts a call today. By properly planning and executing the installation process, and working with experienced professionals, many of these problems can be avoided, and you can ensure that your pickleball court is a safe, functional, and enjoyable space for players of all ages.

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